Sunday, April 28, 2013

Ready for Spring!!!!

Sorry it has taken a while to post....

Here is a quick summary of the past few weeks at the Glade house:

1. Maddux is now standing 3-5 seconds at a time on his steps yet, but definitely close. Can you believe his 9 month birthday is today??!!!

2. I have started the application process to begin working on a doctorate and may be taking classes next month! Eeeek! Prayers for me to get through stat classes would be much appreciated.

3. I've started working a part time job (yes, in addition to my full time job) as a Speech Pathologist at a few local nursing homes. I was reluctant at first, but really enjoy working with the adults. Prayers for sustained energy and motivation please.

4. Maddux says: baba, dada, wawa, and yaya. Yes, despite significant effort on my part, "mama" is not on the list yet. Andrew is convinced Maddux has said ball a couple times, but I'm not so sure about!!! Maddux does often sign "more" during meal times.

5. Two weekends ago, my husband informed me that he had an important meeting with his buddies that would last all weekend. I'm not sure what "business" was discussed, but I do know that golfing and a whiffle ball tournament in which my patio table was turned on its side and used as a backstop in my backyard happened. Not sure how productive the "meetings"!!! It was still fun to see Uncle Drew and Uncle Cody! There is never a dull moment.

6. Last weekend my friend Laura came to visit. (Maddux's Aunt Laura) It was great getting to see her and her family. We did a little shopping, went to the Razorback Red/white game, and most importantly made it for our customary visit to Rick's Bakery! The weekend was great because I was able to have some much needed girl time with Laura and Deedee. Andrew was AWESOME to keep Maddux most of the time too.

7. This weekend has been super busy too. Andrew agreed to drive our family and a couple parents of families I work with to Little Rock for a Board member meeting with Ar Hands&Voices. It was a great meeting and I am really excited to see all the great support this organization is proving families who have children who are deaf or hard of hearing. While I was in meetings all weekend, Andrew took Maddux to go see "Pops" in Hot Springs and took care of Maddux all weekend. Yes, Andrew definitely gets several votes for Dad of the Year (DOTY) today.

All in all, we have been super busy, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Here are a few pictures from the past few weeks.

Look at the curls after bath time!!! Love them!

Pretty serious about his food...

Maddux with Aunt Laura

Maddux pooped after calling the Hogs at the Red/White game

Cheering for the Razorback Baseball team!

He loves standing in his seat and talking with the other people in the area....Hopefully he isn't too much of a distraction:(

Cheering on Fayetteville High School baseball team...State tournament starts soon....Fingers crossed!

Maddux enjoying his first night in a hotel while mommy was in meetings all weekend

Had no trouble sleeping in a new bed at the!

On the way home from Little Rock.....super tired...
Officially 9 months old today!

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