Monday, April 1, 2013

Mimi and Easter!

This past week was busy but fun! After much anticipation, Mimi (my mom) was able to come for a visit...In addition to taking care of Maddux for a few days, she cleaned my house, and fixed a few YUMMY meals! Thank you Mimi!

Together at last!
Mimi and Maddux playing
Maddux wasn't so sure about the wagon idea...
Maddux loves his Mimi!

What made the week even better was that Uncle Noah was able to come visit too! He is starting a new job this week that will require quite a bit of traveling. Prayers for safe travel and an easy job transition would be appreciated.

Like my brother, I too am considering a change of pace. I am looking in to pursuing my Ph.D. (in addition to working full time.) This is going to be a very tough decision for me because as much as I want to further my education, I don't want to neglect my husband, my son, my work, or most importantly, God. I am still doing lots of research and meeting with people. Again, prayers or any advice you might have would be much appreciated. I know it is going to be a big commitment and I know the ONLY way I can get through it is for me to keep my priorities in check and try to avoid overloading myself as I often do. I don't want this to be a selfish endeavor, so I am praying for clarity and discernment on this issue at the moment.
On a MUCH lighter note...This past weekend was EASTER!! I LOVE Easter! The only not so great thing about this Easter was that we didn't get to be with extended family. Maddux wasn't sure about the whole egg thing, but loved sleeping in and going to an amazing church service at New Heights in Fayetteville.
This is one of many SUPER cute pictures taken as a fundraiser for TEAMWorks (A non-profit organization that works to help children with special needs in our community and all over the world.) 

Look at my little man! Can you believe how much he has grown???!!!


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