Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sick, Silly, and Spring Break!

The past two weeks have been SUPER busy at the Glade house! After Pops left following the baseball games, we had the pleasure of getting a wonderful visit from Andrew's oldest brother, his wife, and their 3 children. It made for a busy house, but it was great to see everyone and we loved every minute of it! Maddux LOVED getting to play with his cousins...

The following weekend was B-E-A-Utiful weather, so we decided to go for a family jog (my first jog since November...I know...I have been B-A-D about getting in runs). It is always difficult for me to get runs in through the winter. Having winter and lack of sleep as an excuse this year made it especially difficult....With a little prep, Maddux was ready to go.. The good news is, he now loves the jogging stroller and passed out in no time..

Following the family jog, we cleaned up and were ready to cheer on the Hogs! It was a beautiful day for Razorback baseball!

After a few innings of cheering hard, Maddux and I went to go catch up for my friend Lynn for a bit. I was introduced to Lynn by my cousin Jennifer when we first started training for half-marathons a few years ago. Lynn taught us SOOOooooOO much about running. She is an AWESOME person and we are so blessed to have her in our lives! Maddux was soon pooped!

The Razorbacks won, so it was a GREAT day!....Until about 8pm that night when I came down with the HORRIBLE stomach bug. It lasted about 24 hours and it was awful!!!

To say that Maddux is now mobile is an understatement! He is everywhere!!! My first visit from a caped crusader happened this week. I have a feeling this is the first of many capes that Maddux will be sporting around the house.

Daddy LOVES that Maddux is more active now because that means they can play more.....


Our cat "Sadie" is still trying to figure out what is going on....Maddux has been crawling now for about 3 weeks...She is starting to figure out that a good distance is a necessity if she doesn't want some rather rough affection.

Andrew was on Spring Break last week and so were several of our friends. Our friends Jason and Kristen came to visit with Maddux's future prom date/their daughter Peyton who is 2 months older than Maddux. They had to keep a close eye on the kids because Maddux was already trying to put the moves on Peyton in the car seat...See them trying to hold hands below..

I had to work last week while Andrew was able to take Maddux on his first trip to the park. He sent me pictures and I worked hard to not cry about it....I just kept telling myself, "we will go to the park again." It was tough, but I was so glad the boys were finally getting some time together.

Unfortunately, it wasn't long after this that Andrew came down with that same stomach bug I was telling you about earlier. We were blessed that neither Maddux nor Peyton came down with this illness. Unfortunately, our friends Kristen and Jason did come down with the illness. I feel pretty certain that we are going to have to bribe them back to the house! We did offer to come visit them the next time they are sick so they can even the! No, I'm sure that will not be needed and I think they already have another trip to visit planned, but we will be sure to SUPER sanitize the house before that!

The following weekend, my friends Erin and Tara came to visit myself and Alex for a girls' weekend. I was SOOOooooOOOO in need of a girls' weekend. Andrew was so awesome to take care of Maddux on Friday night and all day Saturday so I could have some time away. He is such a great dad. I'm not really sure how I managed to get so lucky in the "daddy" department with Andrew, but I am so thankful for him. Even though it was super cold, this weekend, we persevered and found lots of great deals. See the picture below. The "Best Shopper" award has to go to my friend Tara who managed to find an amazing pair of boots that were originally $80 for only $10!!! Yes, the shopping was great, but the best part was just getting to hang out with this amazing ladies.

Soooo, all in all, the past couple of weeks have been really busy, but loads of fun. In the coming weeks we have Mimi coming to visit, I have to make some big decisions concerning possibly pursing a doctoral degree (I know...nuts to even think about..., but I would really appreciate some prayer for this decision), Pops coming to visit, more friends coming to visit, and possibly Peepaw and T'Sah coming to visit soon too. Spring and Summer is always busy for us, but we wouldn't have it any other way. We LOVE that we live in a great community and are fortunate enough to be blessed to have the opportunity to house lots of visitors. We love having a busy house and continue to be amazed at how God blesses our family. We are blessed and are so grateful to be blessed by those who visit!

Do you have any fun spring or Easter traditions? I would love to hear about them if you do. I am always looking for neat traditions to start with Maddux and our family. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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