Sunday, March 10, 2013

Ups and Downs...literally!

Have you ever just felt like rather than having a "no good, very bad, day" you were having a "no good, very bad, week"? That is how I felt this week. It started out with me running late and ended with me still trying to catch!

However, by Saturday evening, I realized that I need to get off the "pitty potty", stop being selfish, and be grateful for all the blessings in my life. So, this week I am thankful for... (in no particular order)

1. Sunday naps with my "little" man

2. A healthy baby boy...5 days into crawling, Maddux is pulling up on furniture....pretty sure we need to take "baby proofing" the house a bit more seriously....

Maddux starting to pull each and every toy he has from the boxes to spread all across the living room

Maddux playing "hide-n-go-seek" with with his favorite puppy toy!

3. A wonderful family who is supportive and loving...A husband who is compassionate, considerate, and makes every effort to be the best father to our son...

Family snap while eating at "Grubs"...If you haven't tried the "Grub's Sauce", I HIGHLY recommend it!

Daddy holding Maddux so Mommy could eat....

4. Andrew's dad ("Pops") who, even in his mid-70s, finds time to come and visit and play with Maddux often. We are so grateful that he puts such a high value on family time.

5. An amazing job through Arkansas Children's Hospital where I get to work with families who have children and loved ones with hearing loss. I love building relationships with these families and children. I am so grateful for the family support organization Arkansas Hands and Voices This weekend they held their Northwest Arkansas family meeting at the University of Arkansas Speech and Hearing Clinic. I am always amazed and encouraged by these families' stories, courage, and strength. I hope I can continue to have the strength and energy to serve these families for years to come.

So, all that being said....there are so many things to be thankful family's health, the amazing examples of living by faith so many of my family member's are, the many blessings God has and continues to provide for our families....I could in no way name all the things I need to be thankful for....I do plan to make a better effort at trying to remind myself of these things rather than letting negative thoughts creep in my days. No more "pitty potty" for this young lady!!

What about you? What are you thankful for? Do you have scriptures or "go-to" songs/books that you seek out for your "no-good, very bad, days"?

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  1. Rachel, Thanks for sharing this and all of the pictures! Your phrase "pitty potty" reminds me of something my sister says in similar situations: She'll say, "Well, It's time for me to get my big girl panties on." :) (Maybe it's only funny after you potty train a child, I don't know.)