Sunday, March 3, 2013

On the move and super dad!!

Guess what Maddux decided to to this weekend?! He turned 7 months old last week and this weekend...he is crawling!!!

Of course he thinks this is hilarious!

He is also really starting to chat...check out this quick clip..

I must also share about how lucky I was to find and marry Andrew. He was such s trooper to stand in the cold while waiting to get in to Rhea Lana's this weekend. Then, he carried and sorted the stacks of clothes for Maddux. This was no small task and I could not have done it without him. He was amazing! Then, after lunch he tells me...."You need to be ready at 5:45. We are going on a date and I have already arranged childcare."


Can you say "luckiest girl in the world"? I think so. Yes, we likely will not have another opportunity to go out on a date until June since baseball is now in full swing. (He helps coach the high school tram at Fayetteville); however, tonight was great!

He was also being a super dad when we shopped at Sam's this weekend...He an Maddux raided all the free food samples while mommy finished all the shopping.

So, any ideas on how I might be able to surprise him for our anniversary in June?? This year will mark 5 years of marriage and 7 years as a couple!! Time has flown! I'd really like to do something sweet for our anniversary, but I will definitely be on a budget. Any ideas? How was your weekend?


  1. I love all of these pictures, and enjoy the glimpse of y'all's life together.

  2. How Sweet:) Our Rhea Lana's sale is this weekend :) Woop Woop! 3 Kiddos to shop for:) I better have a game plan- Sam is helping me as well.... (He says I always over buy- so he is going to help me "sort" stuff)..... Anyways- We love adventure trips for our anniversaries........:) We like to get up and go on a hike before the sunrise.... (Sugar loaf, Pinnacle, etc..)- Hang out, then go EAT:) (The best part of hiking early, lol)