Saturday, February 23, 2013

Months 1 through 3, help is key!

The first few weeks we had lots of help. My mom came and helped with cooking, cleaning, and giving us a break....I think Maddux may have gotten the better of her a few


Ok...maybe he got the best of everyone at!
My husband is a big baseball fan and loves to play when he can. He loves the Boston Red Sox and couldn't wait to start teaching Maddux the ropes...

Maddux was NOT a huge fan of bath time at first, but Daddy always made it interesting

I am so thankful that Andrew is a daddy who wants to be involved. He helped with taking turns feeding Maddux, diapers, bath time, you name it...He was there.

Our little guy has been a character from the beginning...

On our way to Aunt Susie's Baptism

Uncle Tim and Daddy trying to measure how much Maddux had!

First Day of Daycare, October 2012

Not happy about the flash on mommy's camera!

Thanks to Aunt Amy Hunter for getting Maddux his first Arkansas Razorback T-shirt! WPS!

Ready to praise the Lord...headed to church!

This one pretty much sums it up. We are IN.....FOR....TROUBLE!!!!

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