Sunday, February 24, 2013

Months 3 through times!

October 2012 was when I had to go back to work full time and Maddux started daycare full time. It was definitely tough going back to work. It was also hard to make the decision about whether or not I wanted to pay someone to take care of Maddux when that is time I would LOVE to have with him. After praying and crunching "the numbers", we decided that it would be best for Maddux to attend daycare and me to go back to work full time. Have any of you faced this same question about childcare or choosing to be a stay-at-home mom? If so, what was you decision and how did you come to that decision?

All I know is, I have no idea how moms with more than one baby ever make it to work on time or manage to stay awake throughout their entire work day. So far I am managing, but it is definitely tough with just one little one, I can't imagine more than one. Any suggestions or advice is much appreciated.

OK....enough about the tough stuff....let's get back to the cute stuff! 

At 3 to 4 months, we:

Were really starting to crack up..A LOT!
Big thanks to T'Sah and Peepaw for my cute
Red Sox shirt. It was definitely a daddy favorite
Had our first shots....Handled it pretty well,
but were NOT happy about it
Said "see you later" to Aunt Jennifer before she went to
Ethiopia, Africa for a mission trip...
We miss you!! (Yes, this picture is from when
he was a bit younger than 3 months, but it still works.
Hung out with "Pops"

Started having much more fun at bath time....

Started story time...Maddux is wearing his Woombie
The Woombie was a LIFESAVER for our sanity
and sleep during these months.

Weren't super sure about rice cereal in the beginning,
but can't get enough food now!
Started holding our bottle...
Another blessing for mommy and daddy.
Thank you Lord!

Cheered on Daddy at his first Tri-Athalon!
Got to snuggle with Granny Great!

Feeling like (Great) Papa today!
Hung out with Granny Great and PeePaw over Thanksgiving!

Peepaw playing with Maddux an "George". Thanks again Granny Great!
And hung out with Pops over Christmas!

We had lots of fun times, laughs, and not too many tears. Time is certainly flying! Do you have any favorite stories of your little one(s) when they were this age?

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