Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sticks and sickness, but still smiling!

Just before Christmas, I came down with I'm not even sure what...It was the flu, it was bronchitis, it was AWFUL!! Thank goodness my mom (Mimi) and Paepee came to visit and help us take care of Maddux for a few days. I'm not sure we would have made it without them.

A couple of weeks and trips to the doctor's office later...Maddux had the flu. He didn't feel well, but was still smiling.

Still smiling! Look at those rosy (feverish) cheeks! Poor baby!
Still loving to stand up and play!

Maddux was soon back to his usual self (an sleep pattern - thank goodness! - it was ROUGH for a few weeks there).

He has been growing, growing, growing!! Thank goodness Aunt Hannah and Uncle Jonathan were gracious enough to let us borrow their son's gently used baby clothes. It was such a blessing for us not to have to buy clothing during these months. Plus the clothes were SUPER CUTE!!

Trying on his 12 month sandals...
What?? Already fit!!
Look at those toes!!!

Check out Maddux pulling up 
on his "Jump-A-Roo" below!

Trying to be mobile!
Thank you Mimi and Peepaw!
Headed to church! Looking dapper in a vest,
but I'm pretty sure I have a biased opinion;)
Chatting it up!

Maddux at his first Razorback baseball 
game with his Daddy.
Daddy was pretty excited about this day. 

Thank you to Mimi and Paepee for all Maddux's Razorback gear!

This past week, we had our 6 month check-up at the doctor's office. He weighed in at 20 pounds (80th percentile), 29" (95th percentile), and 18.5" head (95th percentile). He has been having 4-5, 6 oz. bottles and 2-3, 4oz. containers of baby food daily. However, since our weight isn't in the 95th percentile like our height and head, what are the doctor's orders?


What??!! We were told we can officially feed him anything that he won't get choked on (with the exception of dairy products of course). What was Maddux's reaction?

"More food sounds good to me!"
So, we are trying to follow the doctor's orders. We moved up to stage 3 baby foods and are now mashing up fruit and veggies for meals. 

Do you have any recipes or suggestions for foods for this stage? I would love to hear any suggestions you might have. This is definitely a new stage for us, so any advice is always appreciated! 

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